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Experience Paradise

There’s nothing like sipping a fruity afternoon cocktail or smoothie while inhaling the fresh tropical air at the Flower Hill estate. Relax in a chaise lounge or swing in a hammock, right alongside our large infinity pool (30” x 55”).

After you’ve finished relaxing by the pool, why not take a stroll around the scenic Flower Hill property, enjoying its enchanting manicured lawns and soaking in the picturesque views of the Caribbean?  After all, you have nothing but time!

Want some more activity?  Head over to our outdoor gaming and event area to have some more “fun under the sun.”  Need a little privacy?  No worries, Flower Hill’s vast 10-acre property has plenty of secluded seating areas strategically hidden within our beautifully groomed orchards and flower gardens.

Flower Hill's entrance
Beautiful view of the back of Flower Hill
Side View
Side view
Flower Hill - Front
Drone view from afar
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Beautiful Garden
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